A New Website Design, Again!

Well I have just got used to the new site and it has only been in play for a year or so. And in my wisdom, I have decided it is time for a new, fresh design revamp.

The web seems to need freshness and well, for SEO purposes, we need to continue redefining the content for the google algorythms. It is just one small component of the SEO world but an important one in my opinion. The redesigning of the layout and customer perception also allows me to individualise from my competitors and to give visitors a new experience of Ozetel.

I have always been motivated when I have new things in business whether it be software gaining a new feature or a new office environment. It just keeps things expanding and fresh. It also ensures I am up to date with the latest design trends and technologies. The customer interaction with the business online is such an integral part to the success of the company in the long run. So allows for new ways of getting the customer to obtain information and improved ways of signing up for a service, especially if that service is complicated like a 1300 Number packaged with a Fax to Email. Packages create more complexity but we want to keep the interaction as simple as possible for the customer. Keep their time and you will lose their attention.

So how do we go about the redesign process?

I am not a designer or up to date with fresh design elements and processes. I like to farm out the design work to a designer and work with them to achieve the functionality that I need for the site. I have great results for the last 2 design revamps from Spinn Media and recommend them for anyone looking to create a new web concept or overhaul an existing one.

The second important task is the cutting of the design and bringing it to life on the web. We are very lucky in that a contact for my business is a very skilled programmer and is able to make the design come to life in web form and ensure functionality is achieved.

And finally, for those who are familiar with the current site, get ready! The launch of the new looking Ozetel is just days away. We look forward to bringing it to you.