Hidden Files In Mac Finder

Have you been wondering how to show files that are hidden in the Mac finder? Files like .htaccess which are hidden for safety reasons as in most cases if the deletion of this file occurred it would be fatal to a website function. Mac have taken out the quick and easy functionality and unfortunately it is a little more complex then usual.

To show hidden files (and mind you this will show all hidden files in all folders), you would need to follow this process;

– Open a terminal window by going to Finder, Utilities and open a terminal window,
– at the prompt, type in – “defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -bool YES”
– press return
– you will then need to close Finder completely and reboot a new finder window by firstly typing in “Killall Finder”
– press return again and then close the window and open up Finder.

When you navigate to the folder that you had the hidden file in it will now be shown for you to upload or work with.

To turn off the show hidden files function simply repeat the Terminal entries but this time changing YES to NO in the first entry, “defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -bool NO”

A very handy thing to know!

As a further note, if you are using an ftp program like Cyberduck, you can show hidden files (alot easier), by simply opening up your ftp file and then clicking on View, Show Hidden Files.

Source Material For Cyberduck

Good luck and happy hidden filing!